Buying a kilt v hiring

We all know that a kilt is an expensive purchase, but when you think of all the suits you’ll be buying over the years compared to one kilt that is specifically made to last a lifetime, is it really? You could hire a kilt. Let’s just say you are getting married and of course you’re only going to wear the kilt once, no wait, sorry that’s the wedding dress.

Hiring the kilt is great but there are a few disadvantages; you are not likely to get your own tartan, it won’t fit as well as a bespoke kilt and you might not even get what you ask for on the day of rental, which if it is your wedding day can be a disaster. There is also hygiene to think about, how many times have you hired a kilt and gone ‘commando’ do you think you’re the only one that has done so? Has the kilt been cleaned properly from the last customer who wore it?

A wee story for you; There was a gentleman that hired a kilt for his special day and like most decided not to wear any underwear. Unfortunately, the hire firm, who shall remain nameless, had not cleaned the kilt properly before hiring it out again and our hero of the story caught, let’s call it, a wee beastie. His wife was non-too pleased and didn’t believe him, let’s face it, would you?

Don’t get me wrong, hiring the kilt from a reputable company can be good but nothing will ever compare to wearing your own bespoke traditional hand sewn kilt made in your own tartan. It’s a piece of your history a piece of you and it’s something you know you will be proud to wear time and again.


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