Clan MacKinnon gets a new Chieftan

Clan MacKinnon have a new lease of life – not only have they appointed a new Chieftan but have a shiny new website. This will serve as a great resource to the widespread MacKinnon Clan. They want everyone to know they are very much alive and active.

There has been a change to the organizational leadership. The tile of Clan Chieftan Representative of MacKinnon of MacKinnon has been passed to Gerald McKinnon.


Their new website ( is great, and they have an active Facebook page: which has over 200 likes. If you have MacKinnon in your blood please support them and like the page.

They have representatives/members in 26 States (U..S.) 3 provinces, Australia and Indonesia.

We are not sure why the site doesn’t show their current Clan Chief – Madam Ann MacKinnon of MacKinnon but great to see a society embrace the internet and social media.


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8 thoughts on “Clan MacKinnon gets a new Chieftan

  1. Andrew McKinnon

    The Chief has not made any comment nor appeared in public in her capacity for decades. Attempts at contact have not been returned. Her son Andrew Jeffrey is styled Andrew Mackinnon of Mackinnon the younger. This is not possible under the laws that govern clans. He cannot have another or a double barrelled name.

    Sadly, we have no chief in all respects but name.

    • Nick Wood

      I understand that it is quite correct for the heir apparent to the chieftaincy of a clan/family Name and Arms to be styled ‘the Younger’, in the manner complained about by your correspondent, Andrew McKinnon. It is not in the gift of a clan, but that of the Lord Lyon King of Arms who determines these matters on behalf of the Crown.

  2. Capt. Jeff MacKinnon

    I think that I will be Chief. By Divine right and by my red beard. Thanks Mr. Wood, for the info.

    Capt. Jeff Mackinnon
    Cape Breton

  3. John McKinnon

    While we ceertainly appreciate the recognition of our Society. There is one correction/clarification. We have not appointed a new chieftan. The whereabouts of our Chieftan Ann still remains unknown. We do have a duly appointed and vetted Clan Chieftan Representatve. Most recently has been been honored as a licentiate for coats of arms by the Canadian Heraldic Society.

    • Douglas McKinnon

      Anne Mackinnon of Mackinnon who Inherited her post from her father, Neil – is an absentee chief by choice.
      You can find a street address – in Somerset, in western ENGLAND, of all places- but NO phone number nor e–mail address. She is NOT on the STANDING COMMITTEE OF SCOTTISH CHIEFS by her own volition. So the sooner we can replace her with a Chief that will do his job the better.

  4. Douglas Mackinnon

    In response to Andrew Mackinnon, and Nick Wood, my family, the Mackinnons of Kyle, is/are a cadet line of the Chiefs descended from Lachlan IV Og, Laird of Strath, and 13th Chief, who died ca 1600. Andrew is quite correct when he says that Andrew Jeffrey has no right to the Chiefship which must pass, according to Brehon tradition, to the nearest Heir male of the Chief’s AGNATIC house. Relatives cannot claim through the female line, despite what the Lyon Court says. Ann’s son is a Jeffrey, not a Mackinnon.

    Actually, the rightful chief is the head of the Mishnish family whch descends from Ian na Mishnish, the only son of the second marriage of Lachlan VI of Strath, 16th Chief. The Mishnish family however, failed to claim their rights, when Ian III, 19th Chief, committed suicide in London in 1808. The present chief’s family is a senior line of my family, and is therefore junior to the Mishnish line. A representative of the Mishnish family, is at present attempting to reclaim her family’s rights to the Chiefship in the Lyon Court.

    By the way the Chiefs are incorrectly numbered. The present Chief, Anne, is the 26th Chief, not the 38th Chief. This incorrect numbering arises from a false pedigree of the Chiefs, compiled in the 19th Century. Recent research has established that the Chiefs are descended in the male line from King MacBeth, not King Alpin. They are also descended in the female line from King Alpin.

  5. John MacKinnon

    I am interested in the research suggesting that the male line of chieftainship descends from MacBeth, while also descending from the female line from King Alpin. Where can this research be found and reviewed? What is the genesis of this distinction, as it seems to contadict normative assumptions.

    Family history is a passion, but I also teach MacBeth and have told the students that it is about my ancestors. Yes, yes, I have reviewed information about the distinction between the historical and Shakespearean MacBeth.

    Does anyone know just how MacKinnons are related to MacBeth?


  6. Ruaridh MacKinnon

    Interesting to know . I’m a MacKinnon of Corriechatachan my grand father always claimed he was of the chiefs bloodline . until I left Bradford ten years ago my family had lived within 15 miles of Bradford since the 1500s


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