Clan Donnachaidh‎ (Robertson) Estate up for Sale

Dall House, surrounded by Dall Estate

Dall House, surrounded by Dall Estate

An excessively magnificent and utterly luxurious highland estate with clan links has been placed on the market, boasting an equally impressive price tag. Once home to Clan Robertson, the sprawling Dall Estate is located on the south shore of Loch Rannoch in Perthshire with the estate agent currently accepting offers of over £2.3 million. The lands of the estate are also steeped in history, directly linking to historical-titans such as Robert the Bruce and King James I.

One of the many bedrooms inside Dall House

One of the many bedrooms inside Dall House

The estate is home to Dall House, which has 80+ rooms including 38 bedrooms, a cinema, library, chapel, sports hall and gun room. The grounds are even more impressive; hosting multiple bungalows and cottages, tennis courts, a boat house on the shore of the loch, an assault course and a fire engine that the estate agent states is “handy for cleaning the windows that come with the estate”.

In 2010 the current laird Malcolm James came under fire for his ambitious plan to turn the property into an exclusive billionaires resort. He announced that the minimum liquid net worth of clients using the estate would be set at 100 million, with membership fees of 2m and annual dues of 500,000. The plans received a great deal of opposition from local community and conservation groups who claimed the development would threaten one of Scotland’s most picturesque and unspoilt landscapes.



Inside Dall House

Inside Dall House

Members of Perth and Kinross Council voted 21-3 to reject the development of Dall, which was set to include a 104-room luxury hotel, two 18-hole golf courses and clubhouse, a state-of-the-art health spa, a concert hall, a “body-enhancement clinic” with surgery facilities, a retail arcade and a shore-side restaurant based on the design of a crannog. The plans were met with a storm of local and national protest, with local politicians calling the development inappropriate and damaging to the environment and ecology of Loch Rannoch.

The origin of the estate can be traced back to beginning of the 14th Century during the First War of the Scottish Wars of Independence. At this time Clan Robertson were known by their original name ‘Clan Donnachaidh’ – named after chief Duncan the Stout. In 1314 Duncan led his clan to battle at Bannockburn in staunch support of his friend, King Robert the Bruce. The lands of Dall were later gifted to the clan in 1347 for their support in this battle and the final years of the war.

100 years later chief Robert Riach (the Grizzled), known for his intense loyalty to the Stewarts, was responsible for capturing the murderers of King James I in 1437. In return the Crown granted him the feudal barony of the lands at Struan, with the chief then on known as Robertson (from Robert of Struan).

Struan became the clan seat until the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden (1746), in which the clan had their lands forfeited by the Government. The lands were returned (along with old debts) in 1784 however the clan found it increasingly difficult to make a living and break free of the debt. In 1853 Struan was sold, leaving only the lands at Dall remaining. Dall House was built in 1855, becoming the seat of the clan until 1926.

The house was commissioned by clan chief George Duncan Robertson and built by the renowned architect Thomas Mackenzie, who was responsible for the present Ballindalloch castle (1847) and Aldourie Castle (1853). Dall House was the only house he ever designed and built himself in Scots Baronial style, which is known for its 16th Century features including turrets. In 1926 the estate was sold, and Dall House became offices of the Forestry Commission before being established as an independent boarding school in 1959. The school’s remote location forced its closure in 2002.

You can view the property listing for Dall Estate by clicking here.


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13 thoughts on “Clan Donnachaidh‎ (Robertson) Estate up for Sale

  1. Suzi McNutt

    Lovely article, but please, please, please call our clan by its’ rightful name. We are Clan Donnachaidh. We are all aware that the knick knacks available say Robertson, but that is not the name of the clan. It’s the reason those in the know don’t buy the items available. Thank you.
    Suzi McNutt
    Clan Donnachaidh
    Council member

  2. Christine Amuso Pyzocha

    My Grandmother was a Robertson. It’s awesome to see the family castle. I would like to find my Scottish relatives and family history. I love history and want to learn more about Scotland. Any relatives, I would love to hear from you. You can reach at the email below.

  3. Rebecca Coffinger

    I think the estate should be bought for our clan too so that we are allowed to walk the halls of our ancestors, and get to feel close to them.

  4. Dante Stopher

    I would LOVE to have family history like this I hope one day to move to Scotland and see sites our family help create. The Robertson clan and their ancestors basically shaped the face of a lot Scotland and Ireland. It’s nice to know my name carries weight in history and present time. The more you know, eh cousins?

  5. Robert Fyfe Mein Duncan

    I pray for the means to purchase our home Clan Donnachaidh my son Robert F M Duncan XV, my father Robert F. m. Duncan, LTC USA Ret., his father Robert F M Duncan XIII born in AK 1897 died in San Francisco, His Father Robert FM Duncan XII opened AK Power and Light and was a miner partnered with Thomas Mein I would love to find his father in Scotland. My maternal Grandfather BG John R Burns roots in Ireland Ulster area and probably Gallowglass settled in VA/Washington DC. We are going to Ireland in SEP to enjoy the country but would love to find relations.

  6. Robert Fyfe Mein Duncan

    Perhaps we ban the clan and collect from the Duncan Robertson clans a pitch into a fund to again own this property set in up as a massive B & B and museum that clan members are welcomed and honored at receptions each evening, hosting tattoos, games and keeping our culture alive

  7. douglas clyde richard renton

    I am the son of Rev. Richard Robertson Renton[deceased] of Glasgow Scotland. He told me that he is part of the Robertson clan? and also mentioned that the clan is an offshoot of them. Would anyone be able to provide any background for me? I live in British Columbia Canada.


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