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ScotClans Dresses The Wax Sean Connery

Sean  Connery Kilt Outfit

 Sean Connery (or 'Big Tam as we call him in these parts) is something of a Scottish Icon. The former fountainbridge milkman, who must have had the biggest milk round in the known world (if the number of 'wee old ladies' from Gorgie who claimed he dropped off their two pints every morning are to be believed) and artist model has made a bit of a name for himself doing the odd film.

Latterly he has become a spokesperson for the cause of Scottish independance and is frequently seen sporting one of his many kilts.

Just before Christmas we had an email from a customer who wanted an outfit 'just like Seans'. At first we though it was just an adoring fan, desperate to emulate their idol, then we noticed the email had come from Tussauds!

As it turned out they were making a waxwork of the man himself for the Amsterdam Tussauds to celebrate Burns night. ScotClans was delighted to supply the exact copy of his outfit worn by him at the Dressed to Kilt event (New York Tartan for you kilt spotters).

As Mr Bond would have no doubt quipped 'Mine's a stiff one miss Monypenny'