Cycling on a Sunny Afternoon

A week ago I took advantage of a lovely sunny day in Edinburgh and cycled along the Innocent Railway, then on to Craigmillar Castle. The castle is an amazingly well-preserved 14th Century castle just on the outskirts of the Scottish capital. It was home to the Preston family for over 250 years and was visited many times by Mary Queen of Scots.

I wrote about my adventure for the lovely Bikeable Jo over on her blog which chronicles cycling adventures on the streets of Edinburgh. I also discovered that the bicycle was invented by none other than a Scotsman – good work Scotland! You can read my post here, and I’ve also uploaded an album to Tartan Footprint with my photos from the journey.

Happy reading!


The Innocent Railway Tunnel

The Innocent Railway Tunnel

Craigmillar Castle

Craigmillar Castle



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