Donald Trump’s Nation-Wide Tour

Greyfriar's Bobby in Edinburgh

Greyfriar’s Bobby in Edinburgh

A stunt pulled by the Menie Liberation Front (MLF) has seen around twenty statues in four of Scotland’s cities given a Donald Trump mask and a plastic toy golf club in an attempt at a light hearted protest against the American tycoon’s £1bn golf resort plans for Menie in Aberdeenshire, which Trump claims will be the greatest in the world.

I am not amused

I am not amused

The Menie Liberation Fronts purpose is to help protect the people and especially the ecosystem of the coastal Aberdeenshire village. They believe that Trump’s golf course and resort would destroy a unique part of the regions flora and fauna, and would have negative long term ecological ramifications. They believe that it is also unacceptable for many of the people to be pressured out of their own homes.

However, Donald Trump claims that his resort, which would feature two golf courses, a 950 room hotel, and 500 houses would be extremely benefitial to Aberdeenshire and the whole of Scotland, providing the country with tourists and a financial security for generations, well after the oil in the North Sea has ran out.

Donald Trump's Nation-Wide Tou

Donald Trump’s Nation-Wide Tou

The MLF will continue this campaign to get the public to understand the sort of the damage that Trump’s plans will have to Menie. The group explained the logic behind this particular stunt by saying, “We are dressing up famous Scottish statues as the American tycoon to symbolise the way Trump thinks he can walk over Scotland.” It has also been made clear that none of the statues used for this protest have been damaged in any way.

Aberdeen, Stirling, Edinburgh, and Glasgow are the cities that have been targeted so far, but people have been told to expect to see more of Trump over the next few days.


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