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Lost 5,000-Year-Old Neolithic Figurine Rediscovered in Scotland

A 5,000-year-old whalebone figurine, one of the oldest representations of a human form ever found in Britain, has been rediscovered ...
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Standing Stones of Stenness

Scotland’s World Heritage Sites!

With the Forth Bridge having recently joined five other areas of Scotland as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we thought this ...
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WW1 letter reveals a brutal day at Scapa Flow

Scapa Flow is one of Britain's most important historic stretches of water, located within the Orkney Islands, off the northeast ...
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An Ode to Scotland – Meeting a Modern-Day Scots Poet

Intertwined and impenetrably linked to Scottish culture, poetry has a long and distinguished history in Scotland. And it's a history ...
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Vikings Force Closure of Shetland Fire Station

A Shetland fire station has been forced to close its doors as the result of a viking fire festival. Two ...
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Learn to Speak Norn For Only £120

A dictionary of an extinct language spoken only in the remote Scottish Highlands has been uncovered in an English charity ...
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Map Reveals Scots Modern-Day Surnames

A map of Great Britain's most popular surnames shows the dominance that clan areas still hold in Scotland, while other ...
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Shetland Island named in top 10 places on earth to visit

One of the world's leading travel guides has named the Shetland Islands as one of the top 10 regions on ...
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The Westford Knight engraving, with the Gunn arms on the shield

The Westford Knight

What is claimed as a carving on a glacial boulder in the town of Westford, in Massachusetts, USA, is argued ...
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History of Orkney and The Shetland Isles

1468 – Orkney & Shetland Return To Scotland

Scotland's Story Historical Timelines Ancient Timeline Medieval Timeline 1098 – Magnus Barefoot Lands In The Western Isles 1263 – Battle ...
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