Clan Campbell of Cawdor

Basic Info.

Campbell of Cawdor Clan Crest

Campbell of Cawdor Clan Crest

Clan Campbell of Cawdor

Gaelic Name: Caimbeul
Motto: Be Mindful
Badge: Wild myrtle, Fir club moss
Lands: Cawdor, Highlands
Origin of Name: Gaelic Caimbeul, from cam (wry) and beul (mouth)
Pipe Music: Campbell of Cawdor’s Salute
Clan Chief: Colin Campbell, 7th Earl of Cawdor

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Campbell of Cawdor Tartan

Campbell of Cawdor Modern

Campbell of Cawdor Modern

Campbell of Cawdor Clan tartan

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Clan History

Cawdor Castle, Nairn

Cawdor Castle, Nairn

Campbell of Cawdor History

In 1492, John, 7th Thane of Cawdor, married the daughter of Kilravock, Isabel Rose. He died in 1494 while Isabel was pregnant. Kilravock decided that his new born grand-daughter should marry his own grandson, her first cousin, thereby keeping her inheritance in the Kilravock family. He had, however, charges of theft pending at the time regarding crimes undertaken with MacKintosh upon the lands of Urquhart of Cromarty.

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Clan Lands

Campbell of Cawdor Lands

Campbell of Cawdor Map

Campbell of Cawdor Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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