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Blane family crest
Crest: The sword of Justice paleways Proper
Motto: Pax Aut Bellum (Peace ar war)
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

Blane History

Also found as Blain, the name is a reduced form of MacBlain.  Most commonly found in Wigtown and Ayr.
Patrick Blane was provost of the burgh of Wigtown in 1561, and John Blain had a charter of the half of the ten-merk lands of Meikle-Wig in the parish of Whithorn in 1674.

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Agnes Blain is recorded in the parish of Kirkudbright in 1684.

 Blahan, presbyter of Linton, East Lothian, witnessed a charter by Robert, bishop of St Andrews to the monks of St Cuthbert at Coldingham.