A guide to the Clans and Tartans of Scotland: From Scottish Clan Information to Clan Merchandise, Handmade Kilts, Highland Outfits ... everything a true Scot should need and know.
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Gents 8 yard Medium 'Old & Rare'Handmade Kilt (KD-G03)

made for House of Edgar's exclusive 'Old & Rare' 13oz wool. this collection features around 400 lesser known tartans. Each kilt is made by hand by one of our expert kiltmakers and comes with matching flashes and your very own 'kilt passport'. Please scroll down for more information on this kilt.

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Price: £469.95 inc VAT
Note: please see the terms & conditions for information on delivery times for this product to your country.
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Note: Colours in tartan may vary slightly due to differences in computer monitors.

Product code: KD-G03

Made to order. Please add between 4-6 weeks to your standard delivery time. If you are in a rush please feel free to ask.


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what other customers thought

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. My kilt, jacket and items were beyond my expectations. Being 3000 miles away may cause some concern regarding fittings, but your team did a great job and I look forward to the first time I wear my colors!
V. Napier

Thank you for your assistance throughout this order process and please thank "those" others who are also responsible for making this beautiful Kilt and Plaid etc. Their work is much admired and sincerely appreciated.
D. Townsend

We have two kiltmakers who produce hand sewn kilts for us, one of these is based in Edinburgh. she has been hand sewing kilts for over 30 years and has produced kilts for some of the largest and most respected kiltmakers in Scotland. Our other kiltmaker is based near Inverness and also has been a time served kiltmaker for over 30 years, working with many top companies. Both kiltmakers have a slightly different style and we normally allocate kilts based on how we want the finished garment to look. Both kiltmakers have made kilts for our own family and we trust them implicitly. The material for this kilt comes from House of Edgar in Perth. One of the most respected tartan weavers in the world, the companies roots go back to the late 1700s

The normal turnaround time for a kilt in Old & Rare tartans is around 6 weeks - however if the cloth is in stock with the weaver we can have it sent direct to the kiltmaker and we can turn round kilts in a much shorter time - please be aware though that rushed orders mean that someone elses kilt may be delayed so this is a premium service.

Where our kilts are made
We have two kiltmakers who work independantly. One is based here in Edinburgh, the other near Inverness.

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