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Chalmers family crest
Crest: The head and neck of a lion Sable langued Gules
Motto: Avance (Advance)
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

Chalmers History

This name can also be found as Chambers and is derived from the French 'chambre', as is the name Chamberlain.

Hugh de Camera appears as a witness to a charter of both David I and Malcolm IV.

Richard de Camera witnessed two charters of William the Lion.

Robert and William de la Chaumbre of Lanarkshire rendered homage in 1296.

Willmus de Camera was a common councillor of Aberdeen in 1399 and Alexander Chaumir was elected sarjeant in 1475.

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In 1474 Alexander of Chamowr was 'forspekar for the comownis and merchandis' of Aberdeen, and GIlbert de Chamer was alderman of Aberdeen in 1474.

Thomas Chamer was burgess of Aberdeen in 1521 and in Glasgow, a piece of land was sold to John Chalmyr (1555).

Chalmers Close, off the High Street in Edinburgh is named after Patrick Chalmers, Captain of the Trained Bands who lived there in 1682.

 The Chalmers held the estate of Gadgirth in Ayr for over 500 years.

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