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MacIntyre Clan Tartan

402 MacIntyre and Glenorchy Clan tartan - Smith Pl 32 1850

Note: The tartan displayed above has been reproduced electronically and the colours are approximate. This is a sample of just one of the tartans that may be available for this Clan, when possible we have shown the most popular Sett however many clans can have over a dozen variations of design and style (hunting - dress - ancient etc), The tartan displayed here may not always be the same variaion as the one used by product manufacturers.

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Alternative MacIntyre Tartans

  • MacIntyre Anc

    MacIntyre of Glenorchy
    of Glenorchy
  • MacIntyre Htg Anc
    Htg Anc
  • MacIntyre Htg Mod
    Htg Mod
  • MacIntyre Htg Weathered
    Htg Weath


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