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Suggesting Tartans

The Scottish National Tartans

There are many Scots and friends of Scotland for whom there may be no ready clan, family, or district tartan. In addition, there are cases where it may be inappropriate for a group to wear a variety of tartans and a uniform pattern is desired. Examples include bands, guides at national monuments, schools, and groups which represent all of Scotland. For these individuals and groups, one of the Scottish "national" tartans is a good choice.

In the past two hundred years there have been several attempts to create a single "All Scottish" or "Scottish National" tartan. Historically, such attempts have failed as the Scottish people, themselves, have chosen the "Hunting Stewart", the "Caledonia" or the "Black Watch" as their national tartans. The "Flower of Scotland" tartan with its patriotic and musical connotations may well break into this circle.

Tartans For Non-Scots

Any person may wear tartan. Both Scots and non-Scots can wear the "District" and National" tartans. There are a number of other tartans that might be selected by citizens of other nations as as alternative to a clan or family tartan, see district tartans for a list of these >