Kilt Making Courses

We currently have two taster courses in the calendar. There are still spaces available.Please contact Nikki –

This is a 2 week course, Monday to Friday.  You will make one full kilt.
Course Description
Learn the history of kilts and tartan
The complexities of tartan the textile
How to take measurements
Setting up the tartan
Hand sewing the kilt
Learning the secret of the internal construction of a kilt

The cost of this course is £500 not including materials.


If you are wanting to come on this or another course we have a close friend who offers great rates on a place to stay here in Edinburgh. Please contact Nikki –   to find out more.

We can create a course around a time that is convenient to you.  Please speak to Nikki



Kilt blogs

Tartan Con Men

Back in 1820 or thereabouts there were two wee English brothers, born in Wales, by the names of John Hay ...
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A History of Scottish Highland Dancing

The origins of Highland dancing like most of our Scottish traditions are swathed in the mists of time. Our proud ...
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Adding the lining

What’s Really under the kilt

When you make the decision to purchase your very own kilt or give one as a present, it is something ...
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Buying a kilt v hiring

We all know that a kilt is an expensive purchase, but when you think of all the suits you’ll be ...
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Scotland the brave: Tough 'kilties' battled for Britain in WWI | WWI |

The dark side of the kilt

The kilt has a proud history especially in the Highland regiments, however, it also has a dark side. Especially when ...
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Me cutting the pleats - holding my breath

Learning to make a kilt

When selling traditional Scottish clothing what can be more iconic than the Scottish Kilt. This has to be one of ...
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Kilt Like an Egyptian

It seems wherever you travel around the globe, you can't miss signs of Scottish influence. From bagpipes being played in ...
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Bus Driver Says ‘Kilt Wearing Scots are Lucky’

A bus driver in the northern Swedish town of Umea has begun wearing a skirt to work as temperatures sore ...
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Kilted Golden Driller

World’s Largest Kilt

The iconic Golden Driller statue in the Oklahoma city of Tulsa has been made a temporary Scotsman after he was ...
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Traditional Versus Modern!

Living in Edinburgh its hard to escape the traditional image of the the Scotsman in full regalia. Every highlandwear shop ...
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Scottish soldiers charging in their kilts during the First World War

History of Kilts Worn in Battle

There is no documentation for the kilts we know today before 1575. There are many kilt like clothing that is ...
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High Visibility Kilts

Now here's a kilt that stands out - even at night! A Sweedish company Luckily Blaklader has offered up another ...
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The craziest kilt pic I’ve ever seen

Came across this picture, thought I'd share it. It's from Spain's annual bull-running festival in the northern town of Pamplona ...
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