Virtual Clan Gathering

Strathnaver Museum

Strathnaver Museum

Getting Clan members together is extremely difficult, generations have scattered to every corner of the world. A small remote museum in the Highlands is planning an inventive way to get the member’s of the MacKay Clan together, it has organised a virtual clan gathering.

The museum has invited members of Clan MacKay to send in photos of themselves. The photos will form exhibition called ‘Clan Mackay Goes Global’ which will be exhibited at the museum on the 2nd of May. This exhibition will also be available online.

As well as being quite interesting to see how far afield the Clan has spread there is also a poignant message behind this exhibition. Strathnaver was an area affected by the Highland Clearances in the 18th Century. This exhibition shows the joining of the clan after this dispersion at the place where the Clearances happened.

We will keep you updated with how this event goes, I imaging it will inspire some other clans to do something similar.

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7 thoughts on “Virtual Clan Gathering

  1. Charles Armstrong

    Absoluterly excellent idea Clan Mackay !!
    If any of the Clan Armstrong Chieftans read this, suggest we do something similar.

  2. Tom Scott

    The Ohio,Florida, Georgia, North&South Carolina Scott, family of John Scott of Glasgow are planning on being at the gathering in 2014 and would like to see all other Scott’s follow the idea of the MacKay Clan and gather information on all SCOTTs prior to 2014.

  3. Jean McKay

    Wished I had seen this before. I’ll have to see if this is going to be done again. There’s a few of us here in Canada!


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