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13 thoughts on “10 ways Scotland influenced the USA!

  1. Mike Sinclair

    In 1857 William. C. Davidson left Aberlemno in Scotland with his family. He built a shed for his sons to start their company. That company still exists today and is called : The Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

  2. Deborah law

    Coronal John Forbes of dunferline fife scotland helped to found Pittsburgh America ( named after William Pitt priminister at the time ) which then allowed Andrew Carnegie to go there and make his fortune in the steel industry, good or bad he them shared his wealth with the world also from dunferline

  3. Connie N. Courtney

    Our Brodies were doctors in the Revolutionary War and then later, William Banks Brodie was a soldier in the Civil war. I am descended from John, then Lodowick Brodie. Cordially, Connie

  4. Jean Hamilton Rogers

    Hunter Scot Quackenbust was a descendant of Captailn John Scot of Fort Hunter in 1711. Hunter was a private in the American Revolution and is my ancestor.

  5. robert j. garcia

    Really more of question. “The Donald” now pres. elect of USA. Do all Scots have Clan affiation? Do Scottish “historical records” list a TRUMP in Clan records?

    • Amanda Moffet

      The answer to both of those questions is no. Trump is not a Clan or a Scottish name. It is of English and German origin.
      The Donald has a Scottish connection through his mother who was a MacLeod – so he’d be Clan MacLeod. Trump is not his Scottish connection.

      • Dawn johnson

        No. Trump was not his father’s name. He anglicized his German name to Trump. The Donald is half Scot. His mother, who was beautiful, grew up in Scotland.

    • Delilah Zvirblis

      Actually, the Donald’s family changed their name to Trump once they emigrated to the United States; it was originally Drumpf (which sounds German)

      • john lawrie

        trump is not very well liked even by some of his scottish family who coldn’tcare less if he visit’s them or not

        • J McEachern

          Some of his Scottish family…so you know his actual family members personally and have spoken to them in order to learn this?

  6. Guido Lenssens


    We ahve a fabulous piece of land of 600 acres, facing the Atlantic ocean and beach at Mull, near to Tobermorry at one of the most beautiful Scottish islands.
    We want to sell it to an American with Scottish roots.
    Which agent may you advise?

    thank you in advance,



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