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One thought on “21st Century Clan Chiefs: Carmichael

  1. Dorothy Bennett Lear

    My daughter and I were at the Clan Gathering and Edinburgh Tattoo in August. This clan, the chief and his family seem to do everything well. For instance, I am rather ‘mobility impaired’, so our cottage didn’t have stairs to the bedrooms. We didn’t need to rent a car because the estate shuttle was always there when needed. I asked about the fireplace because I didn’t know how the flue worked and when we came back to the cottage, the fire had been laid and just took a match to start a fine blaze. Great attention to detail and thoughtfulness the whole time. Our way on the tours was comfortable and we were made to feel ‘special’. At Rosslyn Chapel, which is a big tourist draw because of the Dan Brown book, signs said no photography was allowed. Our time there was after the place was closed to visitors and the guide told us to take as many pictures as we wanted The Carmichael clan was one of the two honored at the Tattoo the evening we attended and about 80 of us, with all the tartan regalia we could manage, marched out of the castle and onto the best seats in the ‘house’. Good times!


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