A collection of MacNeil Legends

Clan MacNeil

Clan MacNeil

I came across some MacNeil legends, would be interested in finding out more about them, oranyone else knows any MacNeill of Barra/MacNeill of Colonsay tales?

  • “There is a Saying in the Highlands of Scotland That in the long genealogy of the MacNeils, The biblical Noah is not to be found. For it is said; ‘The MacNeil had a boat of his own!’ “
  • “Legend has it that every evening, the 35th Chief, Rory the Turbulent, would send a herald and trumpeter to the battlements of Kisimul to proclaim to each point of the compass: ‘Hear, oh ye people, and listen oh ye nations! The Great MacNeil of Barra having finished his meal, the princes of the world may dine!’ “
  • The first incidence of the name Neil was not Niall Noigiallach, but instead it was Niul, and ancient ancestor of the Celtic race mentioned in the lineage of the Irish High Kings as held traditionally by Poets in Ireland. It is purported that Niul was a King of Scythia and at one point lived in Egypt and Married an Egyptian Princess (Scota, but not the same Scota married to Mil Espaine). Because of his relationship to the Egyptian Royal family and his work in regulating the flow of the Nile, it is said that the Nile river is named for him.

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  1. Lauren Zorn

    These are great ! I hadn’t heard the last 2 before, but I can remember my grandmother telling me the first one when I was a kid. So glad I found your site.


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