A new Clan Chief for Clan Grierson

Sarah Grierson of Lag is now the Chief of the name and Arms of Grierson following the death of her late Father Sir Michael Grierson, Bt. For further confirmation please refer to the very impressive new Clan Grierson website at www.clangrierson.com.

Sarah has recently been accepted as a honorary member of the Society of Scottish Armigers.


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9 thoughts on “A new Clan Chief for Clan Grierson

  1. David Grierson

    There are several questions that have been asked, but no one seems to be getting any answers :

    [1] Has Sarah Miller dropped her married name that she should be styled Madam Sarah Grierson of Lag now?

    [2] Is there any evidence to support Sarah’s contention that she is recognized by the Lord Lyon of Scotland as Chief of my Clan?

    [3] If Sarah Miller can not inherit the 13th Baronetcy of Lag, then what gives her the right to be Chief?

  2. Brodie McAdder

    Just read this post and checked the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs website. Sarah Grierson of Lag is a member of the Council and therefore recognised by the Lord Lyon.

    Perhaps David Grierson should have done some research before posting his comments.

    One thing’s for sure – he can’t be a Scot!

    Yours Aye


  3. Alex

    Brodie you are right.

    David Grierson is an American who along with his brother Reuel, organised a fake Facebook election in an attempt to take over Clan Grierson. Not surprisingly he and his brother failed, and all they achieved was to make fools of everyone who took part.

    He has since admitted on the Fake Scots Titles website that he doesn’t know anything about Clans. David Grierson also uses the name David Lyon (see thepeerage.com). No one really knows what he looks like as apparently the only photo of him anywhere online is 25 years old.

  4. auld crusty

    I hae tae add ma tuppence-wurth on that David guy, if he’s even a David. He must be a smart cookie he sometimes signs himsel’ a Macgregor and may also be Jewish as he sometimes writes his name as Geryson in Hebrew?

    Genealogy expert he says??? well arithmetic obviously defeats him or he would spot out of 25 Clan Chiefs only 12 were also Barons of Lag. An’ if he made his brother Clan Chief wizz he gonna make himself the new Queen and award him the Baronetcy.

  5. Brodie McAdder

    Ok. I’ve read the other comments now and I’ve seen the Fake Scots website and the Fake Facebook pages. Unbelievable!

    The winner of a Facebook Group competition gets to be a Clan Chief?

    Even Simon Cowell couldn’t have dreamed that one up.

    I just hope no one has parted with any money.

  6. David Grierson

    No money ever changed hands in the election for Chief of Clan Grierson.

    My full name is David Alan Grierson and I have a recent picture of myself on face book under that name for anyone who wants to take a peek at me. This is just because of what was written above.

  7. Paul Grayston

    So I was looking up my family name and it turns out that Grayston came from.Grierson and happened because in that time scribes were dyslexic lol . I was wondering if the Grayston family can rightfully use the greirson tartan or are we abandoned because some aincent scribes could not spell correctly ?


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