Alex Salmond’s Christmas Card Too ‘Political’

Alex Salmond's Christmas Card

Alex Salmond’s Christmas Card

Alex Salmond’s annual Christmas card has been criticised by members of the opposition parties because of its inclusion of the St. Andrew’s Cross.

Both David McLetchie, Scottish Conservative chief whip, and Mike Rumbles, chief whip for the Scottish Liberal Democrats have spoken out on what they view as the First Minister taking advantage of the Christmas period to once again highlight his nationalistic views and his desire for independence.

Mike Rumbles said, “I’m sure people would be more impressed if the first minister had thought about the message of Christmas rather than spent time picking out the most nationalistic Christmas card he could find.

“Everybody knows that the SNP are only interested in independence – the first minister doesn’t need to stick it on his Christmas cards too.”

However, Mr. Salmond described his choice of card, entitled ‘A New Journey’ by Scottish artist Gerard Burns, as “an enchanting and evocative image by a talented artist”, addding “The proceeds from the sale of the canvas will be shared equally between four extremely worthwhile charities, CLIC Sargent, Glasgow the Caring City, J-A-C-K Foundation and Mary’s Meals.”

A spokesman for the SNP leader said, “Messrs McLetchie and Rumbles should lighten up and get with the Christmas spirit. They are obviously badly in need of a festive break.

“The Saltire is for all of Scotland, and the artist has presented it in his own style. They also seem to have entirely forgotten that Andrew was Jesus’s first apostle.”

Scottish Labour Leader, Iain Gray's Christmas card design.

Scottish Labour Leader, Iain Gray’s Christmas card design.

Scottish Labour leader, Iain Gray has also recently released his Christmas card. It depicts a snowy, winter scene outside the Scottish Parliament, and it was designed by 11 year old P7 pupil Emma Caughey from Longniddry Primary School in Gray’s East Lothian constituency.


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2 thoughts on “Alex Salmond’s Christmas Card Too ‘Political’

  1. Amanda Moffet

    Wow – war of the christmas cards, do they ever stop?

    I thought Alex Salmond’s christmas card used a pretty great painting. May nick it for our company christmas card 😉

  2. Laura Barnet

    I like the card, I just think of Scotland and Winter which I guess isall I really need from a christmas card from Scotlands First Minister.


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