All You Want for Christmas – Our Picks

It’s well and truly December now, and time to really start thinking about what you want for Christmas. Here at ScotClans we’ve got orders flying out the door on an hourly basis, so I’ve put together a handy little gift guide with our staffs’ favourite items from our store. Remember, you’ll need to get your orders in ASAP in order to ensure Christmas delivery. Here we go!

Rodger – Clan Crest and Tartan Wooden Coasters

Clan Coaster Pack

Clan Coaster Pack

New and exclusive to ScotClans, these high-gloss wooden coasters are available in hundreds of different clans and tartans.
Rodger says:

The print quality of these coasters is quite spectacular, the colours are incredibly vivid and the detail is sharp. I have a sample one we printed up on my desk and its been in constant use for best part of 6 months and it still looks as good as new. I really can’t recommend this product highly enough. What’s better is you can team this up with the placements made from the same material.

 Amanda – Edinburgh Scarf Cape

Edinburgh Scarf Cape

Edinburgh Scarf Cape

This beauty is made from 100% pure new wool (reiver) and is available in over 500 tartans. It’s made by Lochcarron of Scotland, but please be aware that it is made to order and can take 4-6 weeks to make on top of delivery. Perfect for keeping you warm during the months of cold ahead!
Amanda says:

Perfect for the Edinburgh Weather. I’m not someone who would wear a kilt but love the idea of showing off my Clan Moffat connections with this. (Hint hint Rodger Moffet!)

Donald  – Large Clan Plaque


Exclusive to ScotClans, this fantastic plaque measures 19x24cm and is available in any tartan and clan we have a crest for (we’ve got hundreds!). Donald is our chief plaque maker, so all of these plaques come to you directly from him in our wee home in Edinburgh. It’s printed in high quality with fantastic detail and vivid colours. They’re made to order so please factor this in when choosing your delivery option.

Margaret – Whisky Guide and Clan Map of Scotland

Whisky - All You Need To Know Bookazine

Whisky – All You Need To Know Bookazine

Clan Map of Scotland

Clan Map of Scotland

Whisky – All You Need to Know is your quintessential guide to Scottish whisky. The book includes information on top drams and distilleries in Scotland, and a comprehensive history of the drink known as ‘the water of life’. Margret says that this extensive and thorough book is fantastic value for money, and the perfect addition to any whisky enthusiasts collection. She also chose the fantastic Clan Map of Scotland (59x42cm). In addition to showing where  major clans and families hail from, the map also shows important sites of interest such as where the Declaration of Arbroath was signed, the location of the Raising of the Standard and major battle sites.
Margaret said:

The Clan Map of Scotland is such a fantastic map and looks stunning in a frame. We have one in the office and it looks great.

Andy – Clan Crest Mobile Phone Covers

Clan Crest Mobile Phone Covers

Clan Crest Mobile Phone Covers

Our mobile phone clan crest covers come in a whole range of different models. They’re available in leather, aluminum or hard wearing plastic with a high quality clan and tartan print on the back. Andy is our chief photographer at ScotClans – he thinks the cases are perfect for showing your clan allegiance when you’re on the go. Available in the following models: iPhone 4 & 5 aluminium, Leather iPhone 4/4S/5 Flipcase and Samsung, Blackberry, HTC & Nokia Case.

Nadine – Silver Locket for Six Photos

Silver Locket for Six Photos

Silver Locket for Six Photos

In a wildly imaginary world in which I have untold amounts of money to spend on jewellery, this would be at the top of my list! This beautiful and intricate handcrafted sterling silver ‘boule’ locket is reminiscent of Mary, Queen of Scots’ silver pomander. The locket opens to reveal six secret photograph frames, hallmarked on the back. The pendent measures approximately 30mm in diameter and is hung on either a 10mm tartan ribbon, authenticated by the Scottish Tartans Authority or a luxurious satin ribbon. The catch is a heavy silver plated ring and bar toggle. Each necklace is designed and handmade in Scotland. Please note that this item is made to order and takes 7-10 days to make on top of normal delivery times.

Floyd (office dog) – Soft Toy Frog with Clan Crest T-Shirt

Soft Toy Frog with Clan Crest T-shirt

Soft Toy Frog with Clan Crest T-shirt

Floyd tells me he’s a fan of our cute little clan soft toys – especially the frog! They come with a t-shirt which is able to printed in hundreds of different clan crests. We’ve also got Lambs, Reindeer and Rabbits available too.


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5 thoughts on “All You Want for Christmas – Our Picks

  1. Craig Frederick MacGowan


    Happiest Holidays to you all!

    I can’t seem to find my tartan or clan information
    listed anywhere. I have a crest that was given to me
    that says Macdonald “Peer mare per terras” and another
    crest that has “touch not the cat without a glove”.
    Can’t find MacGowan. Help!

    Thanks, Craig MacGowan


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