Brave? Aye they must be!

220px-Brave_Teaser_Poster-202x300Disney and Pixar are about to release a blockbuster animation that’s set in Scotland entitled ‘Brave’. But if a recent trailer that was released on Youtube is anything to go by it looks like they might need to do a wee bit more research or run the risk of having more than a few angry Scotsmen turn up when they premiere the movie in Edinburgh.

The 3d animated movie centres around a character called Merida, a skilled archer and impetuous daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor and features the voices of Scottish actors such as Billy Connolly and Robbie Coltrane as well as Kelly MacDonald.

So whats the big issue? Well it looks like Disney have managed to do what the Romans and the English had a few problems doing, namely taking a great big whopping chunk out of Scotland!

In the recent trailer a map of Scotland can be seen with the Border between Scotland and the United Kingdom (yes you heard me right – it seems like Disney has already decided the outcome of the 2014 independence vote so instead of England we have the UK). All very nice of them but theres a wee problem. It looks like a few bits of Scotland have crept below the border. Bad news for the folks in the Borders, and the Lothians, and Argyll, oh and the Island of Mull and even Fife!

Disneys new interpretation of the Scottish border starts somewhere around Ballachulish, skips over to Glencoe then zooms down the A82 to Balloch, Takes a sharp left along by the Ochill hills, takes in Falkirk before skipping back over the Forth river and up to Perth. Not just the island of Mull but Islay, Jura, Arran, Coll and Tiree are now south of the border.

Crikey and we thought the historical inaccuracies in Braveheart and Rob Roy were bad! At least those films had a reasonable idea of where Scotland actually WAS!

Disney have not commented on the map but they will soon…. They had BETTER!


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5 thoughts on “Brave? Aye they must be!

  1. Keira Soleore

    Got it. Thanks. (And yes, for Disney this political stance is astonishing. Unless, they’re truly clueless.)


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