Call for Pennsylvania to officially recognise a tartan

Pennsylvania Tartan - Not Officially Recognised

Pennsylvania Tartan – Not Officially Recognised

With the year of Homecoming upon us we have been getting many requests for Kilts, so our customers can show their Scottish connections. Our friends across the pond have been especially looking for American District Tartans to wear. One that has just recently been asked about is Pennsylvania State tartan. So this is what we’ve found:

STA ref: 3130

STWR ref: none

Designer: Johnston, Bill

Tartan date: Not Specified

Registration date: This tartan was recorded prior to the launch of The Scottish Register of Tartans.

Category: District

Notes: “Unfortunately not yet accepted by the State as official (March 2007). Designed and copyrighted by the late Wm.H. Johnston 1992. Registered with theTECAon 10 March 1993. This tartan is based on the Black Watch which served at the Battle of Bushy Run, near Pittsburgh, in 1763, thus assuring western Pennsylvania and the ‘Ohio Country’ for Great Britain. ‘Tartans’ (Johnston/Smith 1999) states (Page 109) that this is the State Tartan. ”

So come on Pennsylvania – get an official tartan registered!

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2 thoughts on “Call for Pennsylvania to officially recognise a tartan

  1. Buchybum

    my family is Buchanon. My aunt told us we’re related to George Washington too. I met some scotts over here the past two years. I would like them to attend the Scottish festival in Ohio with me. Honestly Pa is hot in the summer those colors will act like black cloth soaking up colors. I study these things. I have one made in England; too small for me so I’m saving it for my own kids. It’s yellow, red or orange, white, with few dark lines. Most comfy. I guess it’s cooler in Scotland? I would like to keep an eye on this. My dad and I for one are in love with Celtic music.

  2. Mark Phillips

    Hello, I would like to discuss two things. First, I am from Pennsylvania I understand that there is a Pa state tartan but it is not official yet !?!?
    What has to be done to make it official ?!
    Second, I am a PA State Constable / Peace Officer , Law Enforcement Officer. What would it take, where would someone be Hine to have a tartan designed, made official for Law Enforcement Officers. I had thought about the colors of the PA State Flag.
    If you wish you may even contact me at my cellular number 1 570-337-5368
    Thank You
    Mark Phillips
    Lycoming County
    Old Lycoming Township


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