Chief of Guthrie Dies from Coronavirus

Alexander Ivan Bedini Guthrie of Guthrie, 22nd of That Ilk 1967-2020

Chief of Clan Guthrie has sadly died after losing his battle with Coronavirus. Mr Guthrie had been suffering with coronavirus in self-isolation after repeated failures to admit him to hospital. His death comes as a massive loss to his family and friends and also to Clan Guthrie. Our hearts go out to them at this very sad time.

Alexander Ivan Bedini Guthrie of Guthrie

Alexander Ivan Bedini Guthrie of Guthrie

Mr Guthrie was only 52 and otherwise a healthy man. He was taken to intensive care on the night of Wednesday April 1st, delirious though lack of oxygen, but it was too late and doctors were unable to save his life. He had earlier been asked to take an NHS drive-through test but was not told that the packaging of his sample was damaged and he never received the results.

There is a worry that healthy people are suffering in self isolation and being let down by an over stretched health service.

Mr Guthrie inherited the chieftainship from his grandmother, who died 3 June, 1984.  He lived between Italy and England.

Mr Guthrie leaves a partner, Tal.

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