Clach na Bratach

Clach na Bratach image from Gordon M Robertson

Clach na Bratach image from Gordon M Robertson

The Clach na Bratach is considered to be the most precious relic of the Clan Robertson. It is a rock crystal charm stone and was unearthed when the chief’s standard pole was pulled from the ground while on the march to Bannockburn. Since then the stone has been carried into battle by every Robertson chief.

The Clach na Bratach is said to have been a mystical, power stone which could do many magical things such as heal humans and animals, and it could also predict the future.

It is said that the Robertsons used to carry the Clach na Bratach into battle, and it was originally done by hand until they caged it on top of their standard pole. When it wasn’t being carried to battle the stone was kept in a silken purse made by the Countess of Breadalbane.

They say that the stones primary function was to heal, and if the Clach na Bratach came into contact with water, the water automatically gained curative properties for all.
Legend tells that the stone could also predict the death of a Robertson clan chief. If the stone turned cloudy, then people would know that the chief’s death would be imminent.

In 1715 Alexander Robertson of Strowan, also known as the Poet Chief, consulted the Clach before he headed off to fight in the first Jacobie Rising, and perhaps unsurprisingly it filled his heart with dread when it saw that the orb had developed a large crack. Perhaps it told the truth. If Struan had not joined the rebellion, his own fortunes and that of his successors might have been very different.


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2 thoughts on “Clach na Bratach

  1. Brent

    Good morning. I’ve been curious about this stone for over a decade now. I’d had travel scheduled to Calvine a number of years ago and had to cancel, disappointingly, at the last minute. I was about to visit the Donnachaidh Museum around there and was hoping to see this stone first hand. In researching my family’s deep Norse history, and their also living in Scotland, I had read that a number of legendary viking swords discussed in Norse sagas were also accompanied by a stone of equally legendary power. Has there ever been a consideration, based on where this stone was said to have been found, that perhaps this is one of these stones that would have been a healing companion to a sword? My own family has deep rooted association with the sword known in the sagas as “Skofnung”. Wounds created by this sword would not heal unless the accompanied stone was used. Clach na Bratach healing ability certainly makes a striking resemblance. My wife and I both have Donnachaidh/ Robertson great ancestor grandparents and we wear their tartan still today. Slainte mhath to all. -Brent **P.s. Please feel free to email reply to my address above.

    • Robert F M Duncan

      I feel your theory should be pursued and start in the High kings of Tara into Dublin onto the Isles and Dunkeld..Atoll (New Ireland) may hide the link to this mystery, Jewel depicted also status on the old Celtic brooch now considered the plaid brooch. After visiting sites 10000 BC in perfect condition and the Boyne valley following Jeramiah and the Queen from Jeruselem in 600 BC and our ancestor High King Donnachaid who transferred power basically over to God and Pope Aleander to secure peace I believe the ground we walk in Ireland and onto Scotland had Devine intervention which is His to know and our faith to accept


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