Clan Donald Genealogy Chart

chartThis is the original chart, circa 1800, a fascinating illustration of the important genealogical descent of the Clan MacDonald from the 10th Century. This chart was compiled by John Brown, genealogist to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. The genealogy tree illustrates the descent of the various branches of the Clan Donald, from the ancient kings of Scotland in the 10th Century through to the Lords of the Isles who was the most powerful man in the land, ruling the Western Highlands up to 1814, taking in all the major MacDonald and MacDonnell subversions of the Clan. Due to the Scottish Diaspora, MacDonalds are today found all over the world, and Clan Donald societies exist in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. People from all over the world travel to the Glencoe Folk Museum to use this unique document as an integral component of their research.



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4 thoughts on “Clan Donald Genealogy Chart

  1. Donna Dimick

    Is this chart available anyplace online? Or can a copy of it be ordered from someplace? I’m in the process of tracing my own McDonald family tree and have hit a dead end around circa 1633.

  2. Laurie Bryant

    I was also wanting to know if the MacDonald genealogy chart was available. My family can be traced to 1860 Kilwinning, Scotland.

  3. Donna McDonald

    I would like to know the same thing I am a McDonald with a British father and an American mother of the surname Martin and somehow I think they may be connected


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