Dog gets the title of Official Stamp Licker.

On the Isle of Skye, there is a charming little Scottish town called Portree where you can find the streets scattered in cafe’s, restaurants and shops but surprisingly the biggest attraction can be found in a small post office is the shape of mans best friend.

The Post Office in Portree on the Isle of Skye Photo by Allyn Little via The Dodo


For the past two years, this sweet little post office has been under the management of postmaster Ray Chandler and it wasn’t long into his management that he thought that a new employee was in order, so he hired his family dog, Jax.
Since the start of Jax’s new job he comes in every morning with his boss and dad into the post office and takes his place behind the counter and gets ready to welcome each customer with a warm welcome. This canine companion has become a beloved figure in the community and most of the people who enter the post office will just come in to say hello to Jax or to give him treats

”Jax absolutely loves it” Ray told one newsletter ”He’ll actually lick your stamps” and so with this dogs new found passion in Stamp Licking he became the Official Stamp Licker of this post office and the locals love it.

It is, however, important to know before you go to have your stamps licked by this canine that Jax’s performance record isn’t exactly squeaky clean. He has been known to get too excited with his new jog and will on occasion accidentally swallow the stamps. Ray will tell the customers that it is a ”customer’s risk”

Though Jax can make mistakes during his job as a Stamp Licker there is one job that he has never failed at which is to lighten the mood of any customer that walks through those doors.

”He’s great to have around because he becomes the focal point,” Ray said. “In Britain, everyone tends to talk about the weather, but in the office, people want to talk about Jax. Some people come in just to say hello, or to bring him a treat; others want to give him hugs. He has become quite a character”

For the people who are concerned that Jax is spending to much time indoors don’t worry because just before work every morning Jax is taken on a long walk around town and a dip in the sea and Ray and his wife take Jax out for exercise throughout the day. So life is going great for this canine and his title of Official Stamp Licker.


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2 thoughts on “Dog gets the title of Official Stamp Licker.

  1. Katie

    Unfortunately Jax is no longer at the Portree post office as of June 2019. My friends and I stopped in for a visit, and the woman working there said he’s not there anymore. She also told us that he didn’t lick stamps because that wouldn’t be good for him.


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