Falkirk’s Kelpies Hit The Big Apple

Scaled models of Falkirk's Kelpies at their temporary home in NYC

Scaled models of Falkirk’s Kelpies at their temporary home in NYC

Scaled models of Falkirk’s impressive Kelpie statues have embarked on their first overseas tour, just in time for upcoming Scottish celebrations in North America. Unveiled last week at New York City’s Bryant Park, the mini statues are on tour to promote Scotland Week and Tartan Day celebrations to be held in North America in April. In Celtic folklore Kelpies were supernatural water horses that possessed the strength and power of 10 horses. The two 15-foot-high steel models, which are one tenth the size of the original Kelpies were inspired by Clydesdale Horses, that for centuries, pulled boats and cargo along the towpaths of the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals in Scotland. The statues borrow the mythical name to refer the long horse-powered industrial heritage of Scotland.

The original Kelpie Statues in Falkirk, Scotland

The original Kelpie Statues in Falkirk, Scotland

Known as maquettes or the ‘little brothers’ to the enormous 30 metre high originals, the installation is one of very few major public art exhibitions to be permitted in the park situated just a few blocks from the Empire State building and Times Square. The original statues sit in the heart of the new 900-acre Helix Parkland in Falkirk, which is set for completion in April. The sculptures are made from hundreds of small pieces of steel plate painstakingly welded to create the forms. The Kelpies herald the arrival of Scotland Week in April which comprises a diverse programme of Scottish-inspired events and activities that showcase the very best of Scottish culture.


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