Family Tree Relationship Chart

One of most common issues in genealogy is to understand the relationship between two people in a family. We’re all familiar with the relationship between our direct line ancestor and ourselves, but the other branches can get a little tangled. For example, most people are familiar with the concept of a sibling (brother or sister) and a cousin, but what exactly is a second cousin twice removed?

To help determine how two people are related to each other we have created what is formally known as a canon law relationship chart, but what is more commonly referred to as a Family Tree Relationship Chart. Hope this makes things a bit clearer.



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6 thoughts on “Family Tree Relationship Chart

  1. Veronica Millar

    I’ve alway wanted to learn more about my Scottish ancestry. My Family Name is Millar, My Clan is Macfarlane, Their from Dundee. It would be great to know more.

  2. Karen johnston

    I have been working on my family’s linage and history
    They are all from Scotland/England
    My 3rd great grand parents are lady Mary Stewart/Johnston, my 4th great grand are David Stewart 1st Earl of Scotland and Lady Elizabeth syme and then my family linage goes crazy after that we are direct descendants of 4/5 lines the mai one is the Stuart’s/Stewart’s we never knew any of this as our father has since passed as well as go. We are hopefully planing a trip to Scotland and England,
    Queen Mary of scot and queen Elizabeth 1 are our 1st cousins 12xs removed
    King James our 2nd cousin, king Robert 11 is our 14th ggf William Sinclair is our 23ggf there are all of the in between that are our ggp we have been trying to locate our 3/4/5 ggp actual address place of residence back then we know all the castle the others have resided, if any one can help or direct me to who can help with David1st Earl of Scotland /Lady Elizabeth Stuart/Stewart/syme Etc
    Thank you

  3. sonya nicol

    Hi, I’m looking for Nicol and MacNicol. I believe my ancestors are from the Isle of Skye and Lewis, not sure. I know that my paternal great grandfather James Nicol was born in Glasgow, and his father was James Nicol and mother Flora Nicol (nee Simpson). Would love to learn more about them and discover more relatives.


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