All hail to the female chiefs

Men and women have long been recognised in Scotland as equals. A good example of this is that female chiefs supply a goodly number of places in the current 135-strong listings of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. They hold exactly the same responsibilities as their male counterparts. Here are some shining examples of female clan chiefs:

Madam Arabella Kincaid

Madam Arabella Kincaid

Chief of Clan Kincaid, Madam Arabella Kincaid says: ‘When I became chief it was almost like being a mother for the first time. I get letters all the time, mainly from the US, and we’ve had an active clan association for more than 50 years.’

Flora Fraser, Lady Saltoun Chief of Clan Fraser is not only a female Clan Chief but is currently the only female holder of a lordship who also holds a seat in the House of Lords as an elected hereditary peer. Now that’s impressive.






To celebrate this and upcoming Mother’s Day I have started to put together a list:

  1. Clan Elliot : Madam Margaret Elliot of Redheugh
  2. Clan Fraser: Rt Hon. The Lady Saltoun
  3. Clan Grierson: Sarah Grierson of Lag
  4. Clan Hunter: Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterson
  5. Clan Kincaid: Madam Arabella Kincaid of Kincaid
  6. Clan MacDougall: Morag MacDougall of MacDougall
  7. Clan MacKay: The Hon. Elizabeth Fairbairn
  8. Clan MacKinnon: Madam Ann MacKinnon of MacKinnon
  9. Clan Mar: Margaret of Mar, 31st Countess of Mar
  10. Clan Moffat: Madam Jean Moffat of that ilk

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15 thoughts on “All hail to the female chiefs

  1. Myles Kincaid

    i just wanna say hi to my family the Kincaids Madam Arabella Jane Kincaid of Kincaid will u email me please theres a lot i wanna learn that i havent im in the us Detroit MI i check my email everyday so i hope to hear from you

    • Kathleen Jean Kincaid

      My immediate family was from Detroit. My grandparents, Robert Kincaid and Margaret Muir Clark were from Scotland and emigrated from there to Detroit and I am told lived many years. My Dad, Robert Douglas Haig Kincaid and his sister Margaret Ann Kincaid were both born in Detroit. I lived there briefly as a toddler.

      I, too, am looking for more information about the Kincaid Clan.

  2. Myles Kincaid

    yes i would love to hear history about us and we got a lot of history in detroit just haveing the kincaid name i got a kincaid tat across my shoulders its kincaid in gaelic wrighting and im gettin another tat that has to do with the kincaids well im on facebook if u guys have a facebook u can look up myles kincaid or and to all my kincaids just remember kincaids dont die we mutiply

  3. Greg Kinion

    Beautiful picture of Anabella Kincaide. Did not know Scots held
    the hawk feathers in regard. Much like my native american
    Cherokee people. Believe I descend from MacKinnon.
    Greg Kinion

  4. IngMarie Bohmelin

    Dear relatives from a long forgotten time. This swedish girl (57) have the last years found out my heritage from Scotland and the Moffat family. Just read this: Whilst serving the crown of Sweden in a military capacity over the course of many years, Robert Moffat became personally known to the king, Charles X, who helped arrange a marriage for Robert with Elisabeth Rutenskjöld, the daughter of Sten Rutenskjöld, another successful and recently ennobled military officer. It would also seem that Hedvig Eleonora, wife of Charles X, was acquainted with Karin Wagner, wife of Sten Rutenskjöld, and had a hand in the marriage arrangement. Robert and Elizabeth had a family of many children. However, while on duty at the garrison town of Varberg, Robert fell into an adulterous affair with another officer’s wife. He was sentenced to execution. His wife not only forgave him, but exerted her utmost influence to have him pardoned. Elizabeth’s letter to Hedvig Eleonora, the dowager Queen of Sweden, is still extant, and is translated here.

    Be back and for sure – a visit.

  5. Just Kincaid Emerick

    Looking for lost Kincaid family! Other than DNA how do I do this. I am registered at

    • Gerald C. Fick

      I may be part of the lost Kincaid family as I can discern from dna,I was adopted in Chicago in 1952,now it looks like I am or was born a William Lawrence Kincaid!

    • Sherrye R Dix

      Apologies for just picking up your request. Hopefully someone else has answered your question. If not, best place would be to go to one of your local Highland Games if possible. Kincaid commissioners are in most states and very helpful with finding Kincaid family. Also, the Kincaid website will help as well. Clan Kincaid does have a DNA support team and their names are on the website.

      Sherrye Dix
      Clan Kincaid Assoc. Int’l
      Advisory Council

  6. Brittany griffin

    Ho im trying to find more out about my ancestors i just learned my great grandmothers name was eleanor elliot i believe she was born im 1911 and maried peter amstutz. She passed away in 1975 in inkster, wayne county michigan. That is all i know about her is there any info anyone could give me possibly what her fathers name was and if they were decendents of the elliot clan? Thank you

  7. Heidi Keller

    Nice to read a female clan chief of Mackays, the Hon. Elizabeth Fairbairn. I am a Mackay, adopted and learned I am Scottish, Irish, and a retired judge. Long been a protector, mediator. Love the history, I know my Homeland!

  8. Roddney Kincaid

    Hi i am a KINCAID son of jimmy dean kincaid would like to know more history on the KINCAID surname and any related internet family sites . Thank You and to miss Madam Arabella Kincaid chief of the Kincaid Clan would love to hear from you and wish you long lasting life.

  9. John Grogan

    Clan Mackay – You have The Hon. Elizabeth Fairbairn as Clan Chief which is incorrect. She is the sister of the past chief and aunt to our current chief. She is the past president of Clan Mackay Society of Scotland. She is the most delightful women, and it was pleasure to have an occasion to meet her at their annual dinner a few years ago.


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