Founder of Clan Keith Society Dies

Sadly the Founder of The Clan Keith Society USA, INC., George L. Newberry, passed away this morning.

George founded the USA Clan Keith Society with John Newberry at Grandfather Mountain. Without George the Clan Keith Society would not have been such a vibrant Clan Society as it is today. For this we have to thank him for all the great work he has done.

Everyone here at ScotClans would like to pass on their condolences to his family and friends.

“Slowly members of the Keith Clan came to our tent and in the late sixties and early seventies the thought arose that we should form our own Society. We marched as a Clan in 1970 and 1971 at Grandfather. In 1972 we marched as a Clan Society.” – George Newberry, co-founder


Founder of The Clan Keith Society USA, INC. George L. Newberry

Founder of The Clan Keith Society USA, INC. George L. Newberry


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7 thoughts on “Founder of Clan Keith Society Dies

  1. Diane Johnson

    Would like to be informed as to reunions and celebrations My Father told me a brief history as to why Keith s came to the new world. At a familycelebration we met a man from another branch we had no knowledge. Is there extended genealogy available?

  2. Tom keith

    Diane, not sure why they came to the New World but I believe the first was the Reverend James Keith who settled in Bridgewater, MA in the mid 1600’s. His parsonage is still standing and is the oldest existing parsonage in America.

  3. Jaye Austin

    I have seen research from Colorado that has Ogham written into stone, that may explain why Keith Clan came not to America but back to America. That may explain why India has never wanted their lands returned here, they were not theirs.


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