Freedom and Chips Please!

The Text on a chip

The Text on a chip

The Declaration of Arbroath is one of Scotland’s most famous documents. Scotland’s great cry of independence and freedom from the (then) yoke of the English. As with all great moments in history they do tend to appear on all manner of tourist souvenirs; there are Declaration of Arbroath fridge magnets, Declaration tea towels, probably even declaration loo paper (though I prefer the Act of Union loo paper myself!)

Now the words of Bruce and his followers have been immortalised in a small way – a very small way!

Andy Walker, a Blairgowrie boy made good and now running a successful business in Silicon Valley has managed to inscribe the whole declaration onto a silicon chip – in fact he had space left over so he did the  whole thing again in Latin.

Mr Walker, said: “I designed the chip myself and there’s usually at bit of space left on the chip to put some other stuff on.

“So I thought it would be nice to put on the Declaration of Arbroath, knowing that it would end up being the smallest ever version.

“It shows you how small things can get on silicon chips.

In Edinburgh we’re used to having something on our chips too – broon sauce!


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