Get on Yer Bike!

Fresh on the heels of YouTube’s singing sensation Susan Boyle Scotland has just found yet another video star in the shape of Danny MacAskill. This young tearaway from Skye, now living in Edinburgh could easily be the type of person that would have the neighbours running to the phone to call the ‘polis’ because he’s just run his bike over your prized Nissan.

But then it’s easy to jump to conclusions – 5 minutes into watching his ‘Inspired Bycicles’ video and you have to hold up your lower jaw, theres no arguing, this guy is amazing!

The young danny was indeed a tearaway, getting in trouble with the law. His mum getting regular visits from the police after neighbours complained of him jumping on their walls with his bike. But young Danny was practicing his skills and 12 years of practice later he still has the police coming round but now its to ask him to show off his skills to the local kids to get them off the drugs!

Anyone who has tried to walk around by Edinburgh’s Potterow student area couldnt fail to miss the ragtag collection of frankly inept skateboarders taking on a daring stunt like a 4″ paving slab. I would have loved to have seen their faces the first time Danny MacAskill rode by.

Shortly Danny will be appearing at the mountain bike world championships where the best in the world on two wheels will get a demonstration of just what he can do, Its a bit like a champion surfer coming from Falkirk!

Roll on Danny MacAskill!

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