Ghostly Lights at Sorbie Tower

Eerie goings on at Sorbie Tower have been reported. A grey lady has been sighted on many different occasions so the paranormal investigation team, Most Ghostly were called in.

The Mostly Ghostly Team

The Mostly Ghostly Team

Sorbie Tower is the ancestral home of Clan Hannay, between Garlieston and Sorbie, with the keyholders Steve Hanna and his wife Chris showed the investigation team around.
Their investigation showed varying degrees of temperatures, interference with technology and inexplicable red lights.

Sorbie Tower

Sorbie Tower

Kathleen Cronie of the team said they were very interested to hear the story of the Grey Lady who is known to haunt the tower and the surrounding woods, and this was the main reason for the investigation.

She said: “She has appeared regularly both coming out of the woods to the driveway at the front and standing in the road watching people coming towards her.

“She is described as being tall and elegant but becomes grim and grey as you get closer. Intrigued by this fascinating story, we decided to investigate, wondering if perhaps the famous Grey Lady would make an appearance.”

The team of four were shown around the tower, built around 1450, by Steve and Chris on what Kathleen describes as a calm and mild evening – much more appropriate for the use of recording devices than a blustery or stormy night.

Kathleen said: “As we got closer to the tower we were impressed by the sight of it against the starlit background and were able to appreciate how grand it would have looked at its height.”

The team took various ‘trigger’ items with them which may have be recognised by spirits of the time such as a candelabra, beer tankard and cutlery which were placed in the kitchen, great hall and stairs.

Chris told the team of the legend that if you walk around the tower in an anti-clockwise direction three times, the Grey Lady is supposed to make an appearance.

Derek, one of the team, decided to give this a try and the others were ready to film but as they prepared their equipment, it transpired that the battery was dead.

“This was unusual,” said Kathleen. “The battery had been on charge until we left for Sorbie.”

But then, in a flicker, the battery found itself fully charged again.

A dictaphone used by the team also played up, recording a high-pitched noise before stopping itself.

Derek began to feel a presence so at this point, the team decided to hold a vigil during which Chris began to feel a sudden change in temperature.

Kathleen added: “Chris now told us that she felt something warm on her face. When we all returned to the area by the entrance door Chris felt very uncomfortable with her back to the woods, and wanted to leave this spot as soon as possible.”

The crew then took a break but as Steve and John stood looking up at the tower, a strange light was spotted.

Kathleen explains: “The red light was seen through one of the ground floor windows. It was seen long enough for both Steve and John to notice the movement and it appeared to be moving from side to side not dissimilar to someone carrying it.

“Shortly afterwards, John looked up and saw the red light again, almost touching the tower, but this time at the very top. The light was not moving on this occasion, appearing to be quite stationary.

Everyone present then started to walk anti-clockwise three times around the tower as according to legend the Grey Lady would appear. Each time a certain corner of the tower was past, Derek again felt a sense of something.

Vigils were held inside and during one, candles which had been lit began to flicker when the spirits were asked to make themselves known.

Kathleen added: “Steve invited the spirits of Patrick Hannay, Robert Hannay and Major General Stewart to make an appearance and the candles started flickering rapidly. John invited any spirits present to blow out a candle – one candle flickered whilst the others were very still.”

Strange noises came from the woods throughout the evening but the team realise these were probably animals, however they found the evening very worthwhile and would be happy to return.

Since the investigation, the team have spoken to a member of staff from the Bladnoch Inn, who told them that she and some of her friends witnessed a red light when visiting the tower – her description matched John and Steve’s account. The source of the mysterious light is as yet unknown.

Who is the Grey Lady of Sorbie Tower?

Who is the Grey Lady of Sorbie Tower?

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6 thoughts on “Ghostly Lights at Sorbie Tower

  1. Ian Hanney

    The photograph above is very misleading as it is actually a photograph taken at Dudley Castle in the West Midlands in October 2014. The above gives the idea that this photograph was taken at Sorbie Tower, which of course it wasn’t.

  2. Andrew Hannah

    I love the bit of history that is this tower in my family’s past. Wish that the tower wasn’t in such a state though, I hope i get the chance to see it some time. My great-grandma, while she was alive, had the crest of our clan on her door. But I’m doubting there is any “Grey Lady” haha.

    • Marsha

      I have been doing family history. I am trying to find my family’s names. Helen Hannay married Robert Page. They had a son Alexander Page who was married in 1861 in Markinch, in the parish of Dysart. Do any of these names sound familiar to you?

  3. William Gibbons

    I am a Sorbie descendant (through my mother) and have ancestral ties to Sorbie Tower. I have never heard of this phenomenon, but might investigate in a year or so.

  4. Laura Parker Parker

    I am a Hanna through my father, Stanley Hanna. His father’s name was Gerald Hanna, Then, Devos, John… I am interested in knowing more about the and how it all comes together. Before I knew about the clan Hanna and Sorbie Tower. I have always had a fascination with Scotland. I think thistle is pretty! One day I would love to visit Scotland and the tower. I am in the USA and am not sure I will ever be able to come to that great country. I am glad you have this site for me to follow and learn. Thank you very much. Laura


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