Glenfinnan Stone found at last

glenfinnan charlie

glenfinnan charlie

This week sees the return of the historically significant Glenfinnan Stone to Scotland.  It is a round, weatherworn stone, about 12 inches in diameter, with a hole carved out at its centre, supposedly for the purpose of supporting the standard carried by Bonnie Prince Charlie when he arived at the shores of Loch Shiel. This event marks the beginning of the Jacobite Rebellion in 1745.
In 1988 an inscription was found on a flat rock near the original site of the stone which read “1745. In the name of the Lord the standards of Charles Edward Stuart, triumphaning at last, were set up”.
In 1989 however, the stone mysteriously vanished without a trace until recently when a local historian, Iain Thornber was contacted by a member of the public.  She had watched a documentary which featured a piece on the Stone’s disappearance, and recognised it as a stone that was sitting in her garden.  She had been given it as a gift many years ago and didn’t realise its significance.
As a piece of history, its return will rank alongside the Stone of Scone in terms of cultural significance, and after being displayed at the West Highland Museum in Fort William, it will be returned to its original home.


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