Highland Titles: The Boy Who Called ‘Troll’

The Insignia of a Knight of the Thistle

The Insignia of a Knight of the Thistle

The rather impressive bit of ‘bling’ above is the insignia of the Order of the Thistle. This is a Scottish order of Chivalry that has among its order the Earl of Elgin (the direct descendant of Robert the Bruce) and a very impressive line up of other lords and ladies and among its officers the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

This order carries a motto that is also used as the national motto of the Kingdom of Scotland. The motto reads: ‘Nemo me impune lacessit’. Which translates as  ‘No one shall harm me without punishment’ – as mottos go it has to be one of the best – in two words… ‘Dinnae Mess’.

Now ScotClans is a fairly humble family business – doing what pretty much every other small business does, gets on with doing what it does and hoping we can see through another year. Something that is not always easy these days in the harsh economic climate we all face. Nevertheless we carry on with what we do – employ a few people and try to help whoever we can along the way.

We are also parents of two wonderful children and do everything in our power to protect and nurture them much as any decent parent would. Parents are naturally protective – ever get between a lioness and her cubs and you will soon find out.

Now you may be familiar with a bit of an ongoing ding dong we and a number of others have had with a Channel Islands based operation called Highland Titles – you can read more about this here and here. Naturally in all the two and fro we expected them to come after us as they have done with others – they have attacked a good friend of ours with autism claiming a legitimate compensation claim he had was a money making scam. Criticised a local (Glencoe) charity run by a 70 year old man with Parkinsons who is cared for by his wife (who also cares for their disabled son), Attacked a farmer from Aberdeenshire by setting up fake web pages, this caused him so much stress that it led to him having a stroke.

So we didn’t expect any mercy…

And right on cue we appeared on a blog page they are responsible for called Highlandtitlesscam. The site is designed to look like one of the many that are out there asking questions about this business but of course it’s conclusion is the exact opposite. We read through the article, noting of course the numerous complete falsehoods. What did anger us though was that they thought it was perfectly acceptable to NAME OUR CHILDREN in this hate filled diatribe.

Naturally I immediately pulled them up on this and they attempted to defend their actions by saying it was information easily obtained on the internet. However its one thing doing this on our web pages where we are positively and enthusiastically describing our business but quite another when it is used on a hate fuelled revenge blog!

Nemo me impune lacessit

Highland Titles might want to carefully consider what that motto means.

We are more than happy to let you all see EXACTLY what they wrote about us – however if you want to find it on their website then you wont have much luck as it was mysteriously deleted within a few hours of my challenge to them. Unfortunately for them there are web sites out there (ever heard of Google) that saves cached versions of websites so we were able to save off a PDF version of the article. We were alerted to this technique from one of the many Scottish Lawyers they have also potentially defamed over the last few days – they were also victim of a blog article which also mysteriously disappeared  – but guess what? they have a copy and some very big legal brains are going through it line by line.

Nemo me impune lacessit

Here is a link to their article on us (it is completely unedited apart from the blacking out of two names)

Scotclans – Is Highland Titles Legit?

Twitter Trolls

We have absolutely nothing to hide or to be ashamed of in what we do as a business. So if they care to come back with another attack then… Bring it

Nemo me impune lacessit – ya bass! 


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