In Memory of Major Stuart Young – a True Highland Gentleman


Stuart Young is in the left his son Angus in the centre and Brian Young on the right at the Flodden celebration. We were privileged to meet them at this event for a drink and chat

This Friday is the funeral of Major Stuart Young, Convener of Clan Young UK and prospective Clan Chief.  A massive loss for his family and friends as well as for all of Clan Young. He was a man who meant so much to so many people.  Stuart passed away on April 2nd 2016 at only 57.  He leaves behind two adult sons; Angus and Callum and a 7 year old daughter Kathryn as well as his wife Rosie.  Stuart lived with his family in Great Bookam in Surrey.

Clan Young has seen a real revival and an injection of passion over the past few years, a lot of this has been down to Stuart with the help of others within the Clan like Brian Young. The cheers of ‘We Ride!’ can now be heard at most Clan Events.  Stuart worked with Worldwide Young Societies like those in the USA and Canada, visiting them and explaining  that they should all work together and support his candidacy to be the next head of family.   This he achieved with great success and it was looking like he was only 5 years away from becoming the Chief of Clan Young.  He leaves a Clan much stronger for the work he did and has paved the way for it’s unified future.

Stuart young with the author robyn young at Bannockburn 700

Stuart young with the Author Robyn Young at Bannockburn 700


Stuart with Robert The Bruce at Bannockburn 700


The Young Crest

Stuart Young

Stuart Young


Stuart was a member of the London Scottish and helped run the pipe band for over 20 years.

Lt Stuart Young commanding The London Scottish Edinburgh Castle Guard 1991

Lt Stuart Young commanding The London Scottish Edinburgh Castle Guard 1991

Interestingly when Prince William and Katherine were getting married Stuart went to Buckingham palace to help prince Edward dress correctly in London Scottish Holden Gray Tartan and how to wear his officers uniform.

Youngs all around the world are raising a dram in honour of Stuart at 12.00 on 22/04/2016 in remembrance. Jura was a favourite of Stuarts.

Deepest sympathy to the family and his many friends.


Major Stewart Young - Always Remembered.

Major Stewart Young – Always Remembered.

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8 thoughts on “In Memory of Major Stuart Young – a True Highland Gentleman

  1. Alexander McBride

    Stuart Young is indeed a big loss not only to the clan Young but to the London Scottish and his many friends.
    RIP dear friend you are sadly missed.
    Alexander McBride

  2. Gina Young

    It was a pleasure to see the updates from Stuart Young, our true family clan member. Sorry we didn’t get to meet but always a Young so will meet again. God bless. ❤️

  3. Esther Diamond (nee young)

    I was wondering if it is possible to purchase a t-shirt like the one in the picture which says I Am Young!

  4. Fred Rutledge

    A great gentleman, a fine officer and a man how enjoyed a good laugh with friends.
    He was really proud of his Clan, and for me, a fellow military buff, keen on the London Scottish.
    Each time I visited 95 Horseferry I was treated to his hospitality.
    He will be missed.
    COL Fred Rutledge

  5. H Young

    I am a Young from USA. I did not know Major Stuart Young, but am so grateful to have come across this and to be able to see faces of those I’ve never met, but share a bloodline. Thoughts are with you all at this time.

  6. Robert Young

    Hi i am a Young from New Zealand & my anceaster’s lived & worked in & around Pasiley & Stingling & some went to Canada & one come out to New Zealand & 4of them stayed in around Pasiley & i looking to se & exgange any information on the 4 that stayed in Scotland & of any of there decindentes please would be much apperaceted ?? .

  7. Roberta Medrano

    My grandfather was a member of the Scottish clans . I live in America and my mother recently passed away so I have all the family documents. I am really interested in seeking out any family members.. My grandfather was Robert Augustus Young


    I am a Young from South Africa. My ancestors arrived around 1820. My father, born in 1919 was Pipe Major John A. Young of the Germiston Caledonian Society Pipe Band from the age of 19 – they were crowned Southern African champions in 1952 in Rhodesia and held that position for many years thereafter. He taught me to play the great highland bagpipe at a young age and having served under him for some time, I eventually became Pipe Major in 1982 after he had retired. I am now retired but stay involved through the SA Pipe Band Association and the SA Piping Society.
    PM Struan Young (SAS Rand)


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