Lady Agnew of Lochnaw

At the weekend, whilst trying to entertain my mum on a visit down to Edinburgh, I visited the National Galleries for the first time. There’s a great collection of artwork there, a lot of lovely pieces, but the painting that I found most striking and alluring was John Singer Sargent’s portrait of Lady Agnew of Lochnaw. I first came across this picture only a couple of weeks back when doing some research on the Agnew clan, and for some reason I was immediately attracted to Sargent’s painting, and so it was quite a surprise to see it for real at the gallery when I wasn’t expecting to. Lady Agnew’s (wife of Sir Andrew Agnew, 9th Baronet) portrait really did seem to dominate the relatively small room it hanged in. I am very tempted to back again next weekend, and it’s also a bonus that it’s free to get in.


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2 thoughts on “Lady Agnew of Lochnaw

  1. Vivienne Cuthill

    I agree. The portrait of Lady Agnew of Lochnaw dominated the room and made one want to know more.

  2. Barbara

    Could you tell me where I can find the book of Agnew… Where it lists the family to the 70’s… I’m a Agnew :). I wanted to see my name initial again, it’s been years and when my grandmother died (Beatrice Orciliia Agnew) no one ever talked of it again.


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