List of Clans and Dates for Tattoo Clan Parade

Clans and Families attending The Tattoo in August 2017

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Here is the latest list of what Clans are marching on what days for The Splash of Tartan.

There will be a series of Clan Parades that will take place each night of the Tattoo. This will be a major event within the Clan-themed events that will be happening throughout this year, backed by the Scottish Clan Event Fund.

There are 25 performances of the Edinburgh Tattoo. Tickets have been put aside for the clans to buy for each performance to make sure that as many tartan-clad clansmen, women and children attend as possible.  Each Clan has seats allocated at the Tattoo.

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1 Thursday 03-Aug 9pm (Press Preview) Macnab Hay
2 Friday 04-Aug 9pm Arthur Murray
3 Saturday 05-Aug 7.30 pm Gunn Fraser
4 Saturday 05-Aug 10.30 pm Macdonald Hunter
5 Monday 07-Aug 9pm MacMillan Macaulay
6 Tuesday 08-Aug 9pm Macpherson Ewing
7 Wednesday 09-Aug 9pm Wood Broun Maclean
8 Thursday 10-Aug 9pm Henderson Napier
9 Friday 11-Aug 9pm Moffat Leslie
10 Saturday 12-Aug 7.30 pm Oliphant Donnaichaidh (Robertson)
11 Saturday 12-Aug 10.30 pm Macneil Marjoribanks
12 Monday 14-Aug 9pm (BBC Filming) Forbes Wallace
13 Tuesday 15-Aug 9pm (BBC Filming) Mackenzie Macleod
14 Wednesday 16-Aug 9pm (BBC Filming) Sinclair Campbell
15 Thursday 17-Aug 9pm Borthwick Skene
16 Friday 18-Aug 9pm Graham Stewart
17 Saturday 19-Aug 7.30 pm Colquhoun Matheson
18 Saturday 19-Aug 10.30 pm MacLea (Livingstone) Currie
19 Monday 21-Aug 9pm MacGregor Hannay Buchanan
20 Tuesday 22-Aug 9pm Kincaid Maclaine
21 Wednesday 23-Aug 9pm Eliott Agnew
22 Thursday 24-Aug 9pm Carmichael MacThomas
23 Friday 25-Aug 9pm Bruce Durie
24 Saturday 26-Aug 7.30 pm MacIntyre Jardine MacLennan
25 Saturday 26-Aug 10.30 pm Cameron Clan Ranald Maclaren

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17 thoughts on “List of Clans and Dates for Tattoo Clan Parade

  1. Moya

    I did not notice Clan Chatten/Mackintosh. .. I am somewhat surprised. Has there been any communication from My Clan at all? I from the Clan Chief ??

  2. Barbara

    Clan Kincaid Association International is planning to attend the Royal Military Tattoo in Edinburgh this year. On August 22 Clan Kincaid, along with Clan Maclaine, will walk the Royal Mile in this special event. Leading Clan Kincaid will be our esteemed Clan Chief, Madam Arabella Kincaid of Kincaid. Also, our Clan President, David Kincaid, will be coming from the USA. Many members of our clan will be attending from the UK, the USA and Canada. Having attended the Edinburgh Tattoo in 2014 we are looking forward to this stellar event in 2017.
    Aye Kincaid!

  3. Ian Fletcher

    Great to see, I’m looking forward to following all the Clans as well as the wonderful Edinburgh Tattoo from down under Australia. Was justvwondering, I dont see either Clan from Fletcher or Anderson? Or have I miss read the listing, would be grand to see my Clan represented, however, I do appreciate the logistics behind organizing such a big event. WELL DONE,

  4. Shawn Wood

    Hello ,
    I am trying to find the history of my family .
    My name is Shawn Wood and as I was researching my family history I found this forum .
    I would like to speak to someone who has knowledge of the Wood Clan and if I might be a descendant of the Wood Clan.
    Please feel free to email me at anytime at …..( )

  5. Nicole Rose Forbus

    clan Forbes here! (Forbus, really, but I’m told it’s a derivative of Forbes!) would love to connect with others of my clan… also, anything on MacFarlan / MacFarlane?

    • James Forbess

      dear Nicole
      I am James Forbess (Forbes). I reside in Millington Tennessee.
      Please contact me by e-mail
      My Son and Daughter and I were very honored to march with our Clan Chief ( Lord Forbes) in the opening ceremony of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on 14 August of this year.
      My address is Jim Forbess , 4726 Cedar Rose Dr., Millington Tennessee 8053

      • Glenn Watson

        Hey my name is Glenn Harris Watson, it is said that the Watsons are connected with the Forbes @ the Buchanan’s is it possible to find how the Watsons are with the Forbes?,as you can probably tell I am an American with Scots/Irish decent . Don’t know a lot.Also don’t know what race of Watson I’m from. But I’m still curious,so if you know the history between clan Watson and clan Forbes it would be cool. Thanks Glenn Watson.

  6. Patricia McDowall

    I am curious as to which Clans will be participating in the Tatoo 2018. I am making plans to travel to Scotland to witness the 2018 Tatoo and would love to be able to watch my family clan. When is the lineup/schedule complete for Tatoo 2018. When this lineup/schedule is complete, I would be most pleased if you were able to email it to me. I thank you in advance, for your help.

    Patricia McDowall

    • Tristan Berends

      I would like to know this as well. My family and I will be traveling to Scotland in August 2018 and will be attending the Tattoo. I would like to be able to know what clan is performing which days to know when to get tickets. Would love to see Clan Fraser, although I’m sure ALL of the Clans will be wonderful!! =)

  7. Michael Williamson no middle name just like my great Dad

    Williamson my great grandfather is buried Leven grave yard Michael Will
    Williamson like to e mail any relatives still living
    In Leven or Scotland

  8. Jeany Rush

    So awesome: My x mother in law’s mother was a Murray from Fraserburgh – she married a McDowell(Spelling?) She lived in Boston, then the daughter married a Navy Man and moved to Virginia: Their son goes to lots of Scottish functions too! Small world for sure!


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