MacNicol Mor and the Macleods of Raasay

MacNicol Mor, a chief of the MacNicol clan was engaged in a heated discussion with MacLeod of Raasay. While the two men argued away in English a servant, who could speak only gaelic, presumed that the two leaders were quarreling. The servant, thinking his master in danger,  drew out his sword and slew MacNicol Mor.

The clan elders and chiefs in an attempt to prevent a feud breaking out, held council to determine the manner in which to appease the MacNicols. In true Clan style the decision agreed upon was that the “meanest” of Clan Nicol would behead Macleod of Raasay.

The man chosen for this task was Lomach, a lowly maker of Pannier baskets, he carried out his task and cut off the head of the Laird of Raasay.


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