Massive wind farms to be based in Scotland

O power of Scotland

O power of Scotland

It has just been announced that Scotland is to gain five of the biggest wind farms in Europe. Scotland already has this countries largest wind farm at Whitelee, near Glasgow, an amazing 140 turbins, each standing 110m high which generates enough electricity for 180,000 homes.

Keith Anderson, managing director of ScottishPower Renewables said:

“We will end up with a portfolio in Scotland where we will have three to five projects of that size or scale,”

Iberdonla, the world’s largest renewable energy company is behind this new plan. They will be finding new locations or building huge extensions to existing sites including the 54- turbine Black Law scheme in Lanarkshire, and Arecleoch in Ayrshire.

The Scottish Government will more than likely welcome further investment into renewables as it has an ambitious target of producing 50 per cent of Scotland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Ministers are aiming to achieve as much as possible from offshore sources, either sea-based wind farms or from tidal/wave energy, but Iberdrola pointed out that onshore wind farms are still a key part of its planning.

The wind farms will no doubt spark a furious backlash from countryside campaigners and other groups opposed to large-scale wind power developments. Scotland currently hostes 68 onshore wind farms with 878 turbines.

The Greens were delighted with the plans, estimating that just five wind farms would generate the same electricity as one nuclear power station.

Wind farms have proved a hot topic of discussion in Scotland, some locals strongly supportive and others bitterly opposed to developments.

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