Mohamed Al-Fayed – President of Scotland?

Mohamed Al-Fayed

Mohamed Al-Fayed

Egyptian businessman and Harrods owner, Mohamed Al-Fayed has said that he wants to be president of an independent Scotland.

Al-Fayed, who owns a 65,000 acre Highland estate, is hoping that Scotland will go to a referendum and vote for independence, and he has urged  his ‘fellow Scots’ to denounce the monarchy and become an independent, self governing nation.

But the Egyptian is not a big fan of Scotland’s current leader, Alex Salmond. He was quoted saying,

“When you Scots have your independence, I’m ready to be your president.

“You have been living in a coma for too long.

“Whatever help is needed for Scotland to regain its independence, I will provide it. I have lived in England for 40 years but now the home that I want is Scotland.”

“It is time for you to wake up and detach yourself from the English and their terrible politicians. But I don’t want this Alex Salmond. I asked to meet him but he refused. Salmond would be better off fishing for salmon than being a politician. He is a dickhead.”

A spokesperson for the SNP leader did admit that Mr. Al-Fayed requested a meeting with Alex Salmond to talk about a potential donation, but the request was declined, adding that “no disrespect was intended”.

scota__gaedel_glasIf Scotland did leave the United Kingdom, then Al-Fayed said that he plans to buy Balmoral Castle and turn it into a museum. But, for now, it is now the businessmans intention to erect a statue in honour of Scota, an Egyptian princess who is said to have founded Scotland some 3,600 years ago.

Al-Fayed said, “You Scots are originally Egyptians. Like Scota, I travelled north and I found the Balnagown estate. I will erect a statue of her to honour the links between Scotland and Egypt.”

However, unfortunately for Mohamed Al-Fayed, historian Richard Oram, from the University of Stirling, has said that the myth connecting the two countries was “rubbish”.


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3 thoughts on “Mohamed Al-Fayed – President of Scotland?

  1. Simon Johnston

    He’ll have any “dickheads” removed and change all the planning laws. The Balnagown Estates offer great fishing. What think he’s angling for his own pyramid?

  2. Nancy Allen Smith

    There is no way that Scotts are Egyptian. Do not fall for this man’s fabricated stories. Doesn’t Al-Fayed own enough of this world? Do not let him become the president of Scotland his ancestry is not Scottish. Why does he not become president of his own country? Hasn’t the Scotts suffered enough.

  3. Christina Ross

    SERIOUSLY? I guess if you have enough money, you can make anything the “truth…” He needs to go home, leave the castle to the Scots.


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