Mystery of Wild Cat on Mull

Scottish Wildcat

Scottish Wildcat

Experts are saying a rare wildcat spotted on Mull may have swum there. Unlike domestic cats, the wild cat does not fear water. Mull is around 1 mile from the mainland. Although the wild cat is a decent swimmer this length of swim has suprised experts. Wildcats are afraid of humans so it is unlikely the cat stowed away on a ferry.

Wildcats look like large muscular tabbies, but can be distinguished by their rough coat with distinctive tiger stripe markings, thick tail with black rings and a black stripe along the back extending on to the tail. In Scotland there are thought to be about 400 pure wildcats and 3,500.

Scientists have launched a groundbreaking study to trace the movements of the animal in the Cairngorms National Park, using specialist equipment including motion detectors, infra-red technology and camera traps.

The scientists have set up a series of camera traps in the park in the hope that pictures will provide vital information to help them to learn more about the cat’s habits.


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