New fashion of getting a Sgian Dubh tattooed

We recently had a comment on a post about Sgian Dubhs being banned at events telling us of a new craze going across America at the moment – getting Sgian Dubhs tattooed!

This is particularly popular with Scottish Heavy Weight athletes.

So here are a few I’ve found:tat1





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4 thoughts on “New fashion of getting a Sgian Dubh tattooed

  1. brian young

    I will be getting a Clan young sgin dubh tattoo done for my wedding witch is on the 28th of November.
    but the tattoo will be done on the 3erd of October.
    I will send you a pictuare if you like.
    good seeing you at the Flodden event.
    the youngs had a very mery day after it.

  2. Ian MacLean

    I had mine tattooed on about six years ago. I’d be happy to send in a pic if you are still interested.


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