New Japanese Tartan Design.

sakuratartan1A brand new tartan has just been created for Japan. The colours reflect the spring blossom and the design also draws inspiration from Thomas Glover, the ‘Scottish Samurai’. Glover was born in 1838 in Fraserburgh, a north east Scotland fishing town, and became a leading figure in the industrialisation of Japan. He was the first non Japanese person to be awarded the coveted honour; ‘Order of the Rising Sun’.

Pink, white, green and brown all blend together in this very subtle design which has been called ‘Sakura’, the Japanese for ‘Cherry Blossom’. The arrival of the cherry blossom between mid March and April has always been a point of celebration in Japanese culture.

This new tartan will join the even increasing list of over 7,000 registered tartans and it is hoped that the first Sakura will be woven soon.

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