New Reflective Tartan

Reflective Tartan Worn by Laura Robson

Reflective Tartan Worn by Laura Robson

A new reflective tartan has been designed and produced to celebrate the Return to the Ridings, a major event in this year’s Homecoming celebrations.

The new fabric has been modelled yesterday by Laura Robson, who will take part in the Peebles Beltane Festival later this month. the colours of the tartan represent the history, heritage and colours of the Scottish Borders Common Ridings and Festivals but this tartan also helps keep its wearer safe by incorporating a reflective yarn.

This special material has minute glass beads and reflects light back, the aim being to increase night-time visability of the wearer.

Each of the 11 towns participating in Return to the Ridings is represented in the tartan with the inclusion of their colours in the design’s over-checks.

The Return to the Ridings is a series of 11 events taking place over the coming three months.

The tartan is designed by Emma Arthur-Daniels from Heriot-Watt University and woven by Robert Noble of Peebles, which has now been submitted to the Scottish Tartan’s World Register.

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