Petition to demand uplift on ban of Sgian Dubhs at Bannockburn Live 2014

STOP-BANThe events company Unique Events and the National Trust for Scotland organising the signature event of Homecoming 2014, Bannockburn Live 2014 have just announced that sgian dubhs cannot be worn to the event stating safety reasons. We believe this is not only wrong but will cause more safety problems as well as bad PR for Scotland. A sgian dubh is an integral to the highland dress. No other Highland Games has ever banned the sgain dubh.

Sgian dubhs are legal
There have to our knowledge and everyone we have asked been no sgain dubh injuries at any Clan gathering
How will sgain dubs be policed – will they be confiscated, will people who have travelled thousands of miles be refused entry?
The police have said they pose no threat and have no problem with sgain dubhs

This decision shows a lack of understanding about the clans

Please help us and sign our petition, the petition and comments will be sent to Pete Irvine of Unique Events.

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2 thoughts on “Petition to demand uplift on ban of Sgian Dubhs at Bannockburn Live 2014

  1. Roger Clarke

    Sgian Dubh ban

    Would appreciate your opinion on the piece I wrote on my understanding of the Sgian Dubh. as below.
    Though born in England my maternal Grandparents ( Hutchinson, Mac Veigh, Turner, Bell on that side )
    meant mostly upbringing in good old tradition. Dads side Clarke originally from Scotland, Calvinist Ministers and Plantsmen / Gardeners
    Of course I wear a Kilt, my Grandfather was a mad Scot who had a ginger wig sown under his Glengarry.

    I submitted this below as a comment on the petition.

    The Sgian Dubh or Black Knife

    A Sgian Dubh is a ceremonial piece which looks like a knife, it is an essential part of my regalia. It is a symbol of a traditional Clansman’s duty to care for the weak and defend the helpless it also warns us against black deeds, to know ourselves and always behave in a manner which will not cause offence but bring honour to ourselves and all those who wear a Kilt

    Roger Clarke

    Roger and out

    • Dave Cairns

      Hi Rodger,
      The Sgian Dubh is a knife and is also part of my regalia. I don’t know if there is an artificial Sgian Dubh but that would work with any of “anti terrorist groups” who are against wearing the knife at a gathering. I recently met a group of Scottish Heavy Weight athletes who had a Sgian Dubh tattooed in the appropriate place on their right leg. The tattoo was done in Scotland and the first recipient got a copy of the graphic and brought it to the U.S. where it is spreading among the athletes here.
      Dave Cairns


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