Ploughman’s Charms

While I was in Biggar the other weekend I visited the museum and came across this interesting story, thought i’d share it.

Whenever a ploughmn turned up a stone with hole in it he kept it and hung it up in the stables to keep the witches away. The hole represented the witches eye.

Like a ploughman's charm

Like a ploughman’s charm

There are other stories about stones with holes in. One of the most famous is the seer stone of The Brahan Seer. He owned a round stone, with or without a hole in the centre, from which he gained a sight into the future. Where is the stone now, well the Seer reportedly threw it into Loch Ussie and said that one day it would be found in the belly of a fish and that must be the fisherman’s tale of the one that got away because, as far as is known, it has not yet turned up turned up.

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2 thoughts on “Ploughman’s Charms

  1. Rodger Moffet

    The version of the story I was told was that he threw it into the mud print formed by a cow’s hoof and that the water sprung from the ground where the stone fell to flood the hole and eventually form the loch. The shape of the loch is like cows hoof print.

    The legend also says that the loch has powers of prophesy. If you ask a question over the loch the water will ripple of the answer is yes.


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