Presidential Plaid?

The Scottish Conservative Party has invited Barack Obama to mark his inauguration as US president by creating his own tartan.

Apparently the new president’s roots can be traced back to William the Lion, who ruled from 1165 to 1214, through Mr Obama’s maternal ancestor, Edward FitzRandolph, who is said to have emigrated to America during the 17th Century.

The SCP  believe that creating a new tartan would be a wonderful way to boost Scottish export and tourism, particularly with 2009 being the year of the Scottish Homecoming

Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, has also invited Barack Obama to visit Scotland in 2009.

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One thought on “Presidential Plaid?

  1. LyingBare

    OH NO!! well, never let it be said that the Scots won’t wrap ya in Plaid if given the chance, especially after a wee dram or more… I just hope if it happens he doesnt choose something as bright as a MacLeod Ok! bad, I know.. but couldn’t help m’self



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