Cannibal Family of Sawney Bean and Stories of South West Scotland


Here, in this tale of true-life horror, we tell the chilling story of Sawney Bean and his hellish clan of cannibals who terrorised south-west Scotland in the 16th century. Credited with murdering and eating more than a thousand travellers throughout Galloway, the incredible exploits of the Bean family baffled the authorities for years. Many innocent innkeepers were accused and even hanged because they were falsely charged with disposing of their guests. But eventually a fatal error trapped the Beans and the grim and gruesome secrets of their rocky, seaside cave were exposed to a horrified world. The clan suffered horrendous executions at Edinburgh but many thought it a fitting end to their 25 years of murder, robbery, incest, cannibalism and other countless depravities. We also tell other dark tales from the south-west's sinister past: Find out about the murder hole in the moor that sucked 50 victims to quick deaths in its unfathomable depths. Find out about the ice curse that wiped out a family. Read of bloodthirsty smugglers and daring escapades on windswept moorlands and savage coastlines, and much, much more in this fascinating saga which delves into the wild past of this untamed corner of Scotland.
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